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Ana Verdun – Jewellery

Q&A with Ana Verdun

Chiswick, London

Discipline: Jewellery


Ana’s Reclaimed Heart Collection won Professional Jeweller’s Collections of the Year 2022 award in the Designer-Maker category. She was the bestselling designer at a pop-up jewellery collective in Selfridges with La Maison Couture in January-February 2023 

In October 2022, Ana exhibited at the Copenhagen Commitment event at the Goldsmiths Centre, highlighting ethical and sustainability issues in the jewellery trade. She also exhibited at Goldsmiths North in July 2022.

Ana grew up in Venezuela, fell in love with jewellery making as a teenager and after moving to the London, established her brand in 2007. She loves making her making exquisite collections, crafting bespoke commissions and welcoming clients to her beautifully decorated studio/showroom in Chiswick.


  1. Please describe your creative process/practice:

As a goldsmith, I’m passionate about creating unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect the individuality and personal style of my clients. Collaboration is at the heart of my practice, and I love working closely with my clients to turn their ideas into stunning designs.

Whether it’s a custom engagement ring that evokes the excitement of this special commitment, or a special necklace to commemorate a significant life moment, I’m here to help bring my customer’s vision to life. Each piece I create is a work of wearable art, meticulously crafted to meet your desires and expectations.

In addition to bespoke commissions, I also design and craft small niche collections that capture the essence of my brand. Inspired by nature, the arts and fashion, these collections allow me to explore and showcase my unique design aesthetic and craftsmanship.

I’m also committed to handcrafting each item right here in London. I take pride in this artisanal approach, and my small production batches ensure that every piece receives the attention to detail it deserves. Many of my creations are made to order, allowing me to tailor them to my customer’s specific preferences.

So, whether someone wants to collaborate on a custom jewellery piece that tells their story or pick out a piece from our unique collections, they’re invited to join us on a journey of creativity and craftsmanship. Together, we create jewellery that’s not just original and beautiful but also deeply meaningful.

Your influences and motivations:

My artistic approach is deeply rooted in my appreciation for the beauty and symbolism of the natural world and my fascination with ancient artistic traditions. I take great pride in my meticulous and artisanal crafting process, which I employ to create one-of-a-kind collections using traditional techniques.

One of the defining aspects of my work is my use of mixed metals and various finishes to craft striking colour contrasts. This has become a signature feature of my style, infusing depth and visual intrigue into each of my creations.

I also place emphasis on my pieces’ tactile qualities. I deliberately incorporate hand-beaten and organic textures into my artwork, embracing imperfections to achieve a “perfect imperfect” aesthetic. This approach not only underscores the craftsmanship and human touch that goes into my art but also imparts a sense of authenticity and individuality to every piece I create.

Your sustainability / environmental credentials:

Our small business is deeply committed to ethical values, particularly sustainability and environmental concerns. One of our key priorities is keeping luxury handmade in London, using certified suppliers who adhere to ethical standards. Our goal is to minimize our environmental impact and operate in an eco-friendly manner. We are committed to offering good, flexible working conditions and a fair wage to our staff. We are acutely aware of areas in which our business and the jewellery industry as a whole can become more sustainable and participating in events such as Copenhagen Commitment at Goldsmiths’ Centre helps share experiences and raise public awareness. As customers demand more ethical sourcing, jewellers and their suppliers will make this an increasingly priority. 

Material sourcing and usage:

We conscientiously design and experiment with materials, always seeking sustainable options such as recycled gold and silver. Our metals and gemstones come from certified suppliers. We aim to keep as many of our processes in-house as possible, also using other London-based suppliers to ensure high ethical standards and keep transport to a minimum.


Our ethical values are central to our business, from sourcing materials to production, and we actively communicate with our suppliers and engage with customers who seek transparency and sustainability in jewellery.

Ana Verdun, Ines Heart Ring, £2,412.00.

Ana Verdun, Carola Necklace, £4,884.00.

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