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Carin Lindberg- Jewellery

Q & A with Carin Lindberg
Location: Boscastle, Cornwall
Discipline: Jewellery

Please describe your creative process/practice:
I make one-of-a-kind jewellery where unusual and beautiful stones, nature’s art in themselves, are showcased in simple metal shapes and settings, with characterful textures, patina and brushed finishes.

Short Bio:
Rocks of all kinds are the inspiration for my one-of-a-kind
jewellery. I use a wide variety of stones, from humble tactile beach pebbles, glorious semi-precious gemstones with amazing internal inclusions, to precious gems in coastal colours, and rustic,
coloured diamonds. You will see the full spectrum of nature’s own art in the stones used. They act as focal points and inspire the shapes and textures of the metals that tie them together. 

The fused organic silver surfaces take inspiration from the rugged cliffs and rocks of the north Cornish beaches and coastline. Tactile beach pebbles inspire hand cast silver pebbles and the brushed matte metal finishes. Ragged surfaces of the slate that is so
prevalent in Cornwall inspire textures and etched patterns, and the beautiful herringbone hedges (walls) also serve as inspiration for design, pattern, and texture. I also use high karat gold to
accent stone settings and add design details.

Although my work is strongly influenced by my surroundings on the rugged north Cornish coast, I also draw inspiration from my Swedish heritage, which brings with it simplicity, functionality, and elegance. My jewellery has been described as Scandi meets Cornish!

Your sustainability / environmental credentials:
I source most of my gemstones directly from stone cutters, often small family businesses, and i’m always mindful of where raw materials come from and how stones are produced and treated. I use
recycled metals wherever possible and reuse my own workshop scraps for textures and new components in my making. My
packaging is eco-friendly, and I continue to improve on
sustainability in all aspects of my business.

Carin Lindberg, Blue Topaz Ring in Bright Sterling Silver.

Carin Lindberg, Sphene and Tourmaline Necklace.

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