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Carla Sealey from Naked Clay – Ceramics

Q&A with Carla Sealey from Naked Clay Ceramics

Location: Bedfordshire
Discipline: Ceramics


I started my professional life as a geologist and chemist and spent 14 years working as a scientist in environmental protection. Twenty years ago, I went back to university to do an art degree. After graduating in 2006 I continued to use my geology and chemistry knowledge, but as an Artist rather than a Scientist.

Naked Clay Ceramics has been featured in several magazines including Country Life, Ceramic Review, Modern Rustic and 91 Magazine. Work from the collection has been exhibited in the William Morris Gallery and the Crafts Council Gallery as part of the Black Artisans Collection. Some of the collection is also included in the book ‘Design and Create Contemporary Tableware: Making Pottery You Can Use’

Tell us about your creative practice / process:

Naked Clay Ceramics is a collection of quiet, tactile, handmade stoneware and porcelain made by Carla Sealey. Minimal in style, inspired by the colours and textures of nature and influenced by traditional handbuilding forms.

Each piece, whether hand built or slip cast in handmade moulds, is unique. Intentionally designed with no glaze on the outside for a tactile finish. Made to be held and enjoyed as part of everyday life. Each piece offers the natural feel of naked fired clay in your hands. And a moment for connection and grounding, celebration and joy. 

What is the best advice you have received? Tell us any benefits you have experienced. What advice would you give to an aspiring maker? 

The best advice I received was to make work close to your heart. Don’t try to make work that you think other people will like, or work that you think will sell.

Does your work have a particular colour palate, or link to a particular styling?

My work has a very muted palette reflecting the colours and textures of nature. I occasionally include pops of colour to reflect seasonal flora and fauna.

Naked Clay Ceramics, Mug Stoneware, Regular, from £45.

Naked Clay Ceramics, Vessel Dots, stoneware, under £500.

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