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Ciara Bowles – Jewellery

Q & A with Ciara Bowles
Location: London
Discipline: Jewellery

Please describe your creative process/practice:
Romance, delicacy and detail are at the centre of the my work – drawing on the shapes and symbols that are recognisable in everyday life; circles, squares, triangles, hearts, stars. Combining these shapes with wonderful antique characterful intaglios or
colourful gemstones to create patterns, imbuing the designs with personality and meaning that will connect differently to each wearer. My pieces are designed to stack and link together,
creating new shapes and stories of their own.

Short Bio:
I am a London based jeweller. Being brought up in London’s East End, my tastes in colours and aesthetics were formed through
being surrounded by a multitude of cultures in the urban city,
juxtaposed with my fascination with medieval history and
adornment. After graduating from Edinburgh College of Art in 2012, I went on to work in the jewellery industry for world renowned jewellery brands and fashion houses – finding my feet in the London Jewellery district of Hatton Garden. I launched my first fine jewellery collection in 2018 with the intention of creating wearable art pieces imbued with a classical sensitivity.

My work has been featured in Hello Fashion and Elle Fashion magazines, as well as being worn by artists at the BRIT awards. 

Colour/Trends – Does your work have a particular colour palate, or link to a particular styling?
Every piece is made with the sustainable future of the jewellery in mind. Working with reputable suppliers to source recycled
gemstones from unworn jewellery and using recycled gold. 

Colour is a huge inspiration behind my work – for it has the power to evoke strong reactions and profound memories. I strive to
create intricate fine jewellery that are luxuriously exciting and
imbued with a sense of playfulness. Playing with powerful colour combinations and the ancient technique of lost wax casting, the jewellery combines the old and the new – and will stand the test of time. 

Ciara Bowles, Kaleidoscope Rings, £4200, £2800, £1050.

Ciara Bowles Autumn Trio Earrings, £750.