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Eva Radulova – Eradu Ceramics

Q & A with Eva Radulova (Eradu Ceramics)
Location: London

My name is Eva Radulova, and I am the designer-maker behind ERADU Ceramics. I have been passionate about exploring and creating since I was very young and enrolled in a High School of Applied Arts at the age of 13. At school, ceramics and visual arts were my main subjects, and it was the beginning of a journey that led me to pursue a master’s degree in ceramics design at Staffordshire University, Stoke-on-Trent, the heart of ceramics production in the UK.

Under the guidance of one of the best in the field, I had the rare opportunity to do my student workplacement with Wedgwood, one of the UK’s best ceramic companies, which helped me shape my distinctive style.

Today, you will find me in my studio in Southeast London, where I enjoy working with porcelain, appreciating the possibilities it offers for creating elegant colour variations. I use the slipcasting technique to create my work, and I seek inspiration in blending classic techniques with innovative design. My work features clear lines that fuse tradition and trends in a stylish silhouette that meets the needs of modern life. I draw inspiration from Japanese prints, and I am fascinated by the process of developing new shapes and finding new approaches to design forms, even though ceramics is the oldest craft.

Please describe your creative process/practice:
I am the creative force behind ERADU Ceramics. I founded ERADU Ceramics upon completing my MA in Stoke-on-Trent. Eradu Ceramics is a London-based brand that creates contemporary tableware and home decor items. It is trendy, bold and likes pushing the boundaries of porcelain.

Eradu’s minimalistic, elegant lines fuse tradition and trends in a stylish silhouette that meets the needs of modern life. It is an amalgam of timeless aesthetics and contemporary trends.

We use slipcasting to produce our elegant shapes. It is a ceramic forming technique that allows for the high-quality reproduction of forms, yet allows experimenting with

Slipcasting is a widely used technique for producing ceramic objects in large quantities. The process involves pouring a liquid clay, known as slip, into a plaster mould. The mould absorbs water from the slip, resulting in the formation of a clay shape commonly referred to as a cast. After a brief period, the excess slip is drained off, leaving only the cast behind.

Does your work have a particular colour palate, or link to a particular styling
Eradu’s stylish shapes combine traditional and modern elements with clean, minimalistic and elegant lines that meet the needs of contemporary lifestyles. Inspired by delicate Japanese prints, the Urban Simplicity tea set is a delightful blend of a classic feel and a contemporary look. The Colorful Essentials collection takes inspiration from the Japandi aesthetic, ideal for those who prefer clean, simple spaces with a minimalist appearance.

Both collections consist of elegant tableware and homeware made of porcelain. Each piece is finely handcrafted to the highest standard, reviving the concept of using ceramics as a decorative art form for the living space. Modish hues of greys and vibrant colours fuse in an elegant complement for a contemporary interior.

Your sustainability / environmental credentials:
At Eradu, we take caution in our practices by recycling and upcycling. If you receive your porcelain treat in a different brand’s box, please don’t worry. We often use our supplier’s packages to continue our upcycling efforts. Be aware that everything on our website and partners’s platforms is make-to-order. However, we create small batches for the beautiful events we take part in.

Eradu Ceramics, Colourful Essential Pitcher, H22.5cm x W11cm, £95.

Eradu Ceramics, Urban Simplicity Teapot, H18cm x W12.5cm, V1200ml, £120.
Eradu Cermics, Curved Vase Large, H24cm x W10cm, £85.

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