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Jackie Loves Clogs – Leather Clog Maker

Q&A with Jackie Loves Clogs

Location: Leicester
Discipline: Leather Clog Maker

BA (Hons) in Footwear Design from Leicester Polytechnic 1992 (De Montfort University)
New designer’s exhibition 1992 where Helen Storey saw my first clogs and asked to put them with her next collection.
Made by Hand Cheltenham – won Gloucestershire Guild Makers Mark award best in show.
“We love her passion for the clog making dating back to her great grandfather and how she has taken the traditional designs forward and made them colourful and contemporary.” – glos gluid

Please tell us about your sustainability / environmental credentials:
Leather clogs are easily repairable – a very sustainable style of footwear and will last for years with care, the leather gets more comfortable and develops a patina with wear and the wooden sole is warm and improves posture. I have a pair that I made in the early 1990’s and still wear today, they are timeless.

What makes your work unique? Anything from materials, tools, are you a Heritage craft maker?
Clog making is an ancient type of British footwear and makers are on the Heritage craft endangered red list.

Does your work have a particular colour palate, or link to a particular styling?
Brighter the better! I’ve been known to make multicoloured mismatched bespoke clog orders with each foot a different combination.

Jackie Loves Clogs, Seedpod Clog Boots, £305.

Jackie Loves Clogs, Heart Fringe Clogs, £275.

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