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Jane Macintosh – Jewellery

Q & A with Jane Macintosh
Location: North London
Discipline: Jewellery

Please describe your creative process/practice:
All my jewellery is one-off. Each piece is individually designed and handmade using traditional goldsmithing techniques.

Short bio:
Jewellery is a second career, my first was as a translator. I trained at Sir John Cass School of Art with City and Guilds Advanced Diamond Mounting, and a Certificate in Jewellery and Allied Crafts. I helped to set up a workshop in Clapham in 1982, where I worked for 30 years, and now have a workshop at home in Kentish Town.

Your Influences and motivations:
I have always been inspired by the Bauhaus School with its simple and elegant designs and, living in an urban environment, I am affected by the symmetrical shapes and patterns around me.

What makes your work UNIQUE? Anything from materials, tools, are you a Heritage craft maker? 
I use recycled silver and gold and work with traditional tools, similar to those illustrated on the walls of the tombs in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.

Jane Macintosh, Doughnut Pendant, Silver/Gold, 3.5cm, £650.

Jane Macintosh, Opal Drop Earrings, Silver/Gold/Opal, 2.8cm, £650.