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Jo Irvine – Jewellery

Q&A with Jo Irvine

Location: Cotswolds

Discipline: Jeweller


I completed a BA (hons) in photography at Nottingham Trent University before going on to study silversmithing for four years part time whilst working in film and fashion photography.

Jewellery was a natural progression as I always had an obsession with the details, accessories and styling in my photographs.

I make stackable rings and bangles, interchangeable mismatched earrings and statement chains. My pieces are designed to work together, to be layered and collected creating your own style. 

Simplicity with a twist meets cool and contemporary. 


Please describe your creative process/practice?

Minimalist shapes are pierced from different colour and carat solid recycled golds and soldered together with silver to blend seamlessly as if one piece of metal. I’ve developed this technique over the years from a love of mixing precious metals and the subtle golden rainbows they create.

The shades of gold in my work are inspired by the amazing sunsets in West Oxfordshire where I now live, whilst the shapes are influenced by urban architecture from my roots in Nottingham. 

The merging of city to country life harmonises in to pieces that are unique and collectible and have been described as “quiet statement jewellery”.

Your sustainability / environmental credentials?

All materials I used are recycled. I only use solid recycled silver and gold, never plated, as this ensures pieces will have a long life. Packaging is recycled and recyclable. Clean practices are used in my workshop such as picklean a food safe ‘pickle’ instead of the usual toxic acid pickle. Most of my tools are second hand.

Does your work have a particular colour palate, or link to a particular styling

The warm shades of rose, yellow and white golds make up my subtle colour palette. Gold comes in many shades and I use the different colour and carats against the whiteness of silver to create my work.

See Jo Irvine’s work at MADE London from 3 November.

Jo Irvine, £300

Jo Irvine, £300

See works for sale at MADE London