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Loomiere Weaves – Weaving/Textiles

Q & A with Vinca Brown of Loomiere Weaves

Discipline: Weaving/Textiles
Location: Hackney, London and Dungeness, Kent

I create one-off handwoven scarves in vibrant, stunning colour combinations designed in modern patterns using vintage 4-shaft looms.

I am fascinated by the mathematical nature of weaving and the meditative feel the process gives me.

I love working with soft, luxurious merino yarn because it is beautifully tactile to work with and every inch of it passes through my fingers during the weaving process.

I enjoy exploring the endless possibilities that the tonal range of hand dyed yarn gives me and the moods that I can create with them.

For me, Loomiere Weaves is all about colour, taking an ancient craft and giving it a modern twist. I like to let the colours do the talking.

Using British hand dyed yarn, all my scarves are hand-crafted individually on a vintage loom.  I source the wool for every scarf separately making them all one-off pieces to be treasured.

I spend my time between Hackney and Dungeness – both places are a continuous source of inspiration in my work.

You can read more about more story in Ryezine: https://www.ryezine.com/articles/vinca

Loomiere Weaves, Graduated Limoncello and Grey Scarf, £140.

Loomiere Weaves, Burgundy and Fleck Blox Scarf, £140.

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