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Ukairo – Sculptural Works

Q & A with Adaesi Ukairo
Hastings, East Sussex
Discipline: Sculptural works in Copper and Brass

Adaesi Ukairo shapes her sculptural forms from copper and brass, lifting each creation from flat sheets of metal using hammers and forming stakes. Working intuitively, she engages her metals unique properties of malleability and strength to create her one-off, highly textured and patinated forms.

Exploring in tangible form the fluid movement of energy, all four collections Miri, Crush, Phlat and Undule are abstract explorations, allowing space for individual imagination and interpretation.

What are your Influences and motivations?
I have a passion for making, for exploring and expressing the lived experience through my work, the movement in the energy of life.

What makes your work UNIQUE? 
I’ve pushed at the boundaries of traditional Silversmithing to make sculptural works in copper and brass.

Short Bio:
• Bluecoat Display Centre recipient of the Showcase Award from 1st – 31st August 2023
• Hub Sleaford Ground Floor Gallery, Exhibition of all four collections 8 – 10th
September 2023
• I am giving a presentation of my work to ‘Tides and Waves – West Africa’ A virtual
Symposium run by SNAG (Society of North American Goldsmiths) 29th September
• ‘Embodied’ Group Exhibition at Morley Gallery 7th – 28th October 2023
• ‘Metamorphosis’ selected piece for group exhibition with The Sussex Contemporary
7th – 21st October 2023
• GNCCF (Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair) 19th – 22nd October 2023
• Culminating with Made London with a chance to see all four collections
2nd – 5th November 2023

Adaesi Ukairo, Crush, Copper, £200-£500. Photo Rod Morris.

Adaesi Ukairo, Crush, Copper, £200-£500. Photo Rod Morris.

Adaesi Ukairo, Miri,Copper,£240-£800. Photo Rod Morris.
Adaesi Ukairo, Miri, Copper, £240-£800.
Photo Rod Morris.

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