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1 All work must be original and by the maker.
2 Makers cannot sublet their space or any part of it to another party without prior permission.
3 Makers cannot display the work or services of another party without prior permission.
4 Deposits are not refundable; if you drop out up to 6 weeks before the event we will
refund the rest of your stand fee. If you drop out after that time we will endeavour to sell the
space and refund your fee, but cannot guarantee that.
5 If the event is cancelled we will return your deposit and stand fee in full but cannot be
held liable for any additional expenses incurred.
6 All stand fees must be paid in full by the application deadline to confirm a space.
8 You are responsible for your own insurance of your work and public liability. We recommend joining a-n / AIR. AIR is a membership scheme.
9 Spaces are non-transferable.
10 All work displayed should ideally be for sale.
11 Work exhibited should reflect work submitted in the application.