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SaeRi Seo- Ceramics

Q&A with SaeRi Seo
Location: Cardiff, Wales
Discipline: Ceramics

Please describe your creative process/practice:
Most of my work is created using the throwing technique,
primarily with porcelain. Once I throw the body with the wheel, all other details are made by hand.

Short bio:
I am a member of Fireworks Clay Studio.
-Evening Standard Art Prize 2023 – One of the Shortlists
-Young Masters Art Prize 2023 – One of the Shortlists
-Graduated MA Ceramics & Makers at Cardiff Metropolitan University.
-BADA Art Awards 2022 – One of the Finalists
-Young Masters Autumn Exhibition 2022
-RBA Rising Stars Exhibition 2023
-New Art Exchange Exhibition 2023 

Your Influences and motivations:
My works are about my personality and cultural background.
I’m from Korea and I work based on Moon Jar which is traditional Korean pottery.

Advice.What is the best advice you have received? Tell us any benefits you have experienced. What advice would you give to an aspiring maker?
When I was in the master course, my tutor told me “you are way too polite and it can be seen through your work as well. Try to destroy yourself.” That was the starting point that I made about my personality.

SaeRi Seo, Full of Hope, Porcelain,18x18x23cm, £1200.

SaeRi Seo, Tiny hope, Porcelain, 10x10x10cm, £100.

See works for sale at MADE London